25th Jul 2014, 19:33

Hi guys,

I want to buy a Mark 2, but my worry is that they seem to being replaced with the Mark X in Kenya. Will spare parts and the like be an issue afterwards? Please advise me via email at asakhulu@yahoo.com.

25th Jul 2014, 20:09

Hi, did you manage to get the translation manual? I am also in need of one. My email is chulukalumba@gmail.com

I live in Mkushi, Zambia.

15th Aug 2014, 20:38

Kindly advise me how to switch on the fog lights. I have a Mark 2 GX110 2001 model, but can't find a switch for the fog lights. Please help and send me an English translated manual book.

My email address is chricho7@yahoo.co.uk

Chris, Lusaka - Zambia

16th Aug 2014, 11:27

Hi. I own a Mark ll and it is a wonderful deal. Treat it well and you won't regret it.

25th Aug 2014, 10:39

Hi, I seem to have had a similar experience with my car, a Grande Mark II 2001.

Just wanted to know if you received helpful info in relation to concerns you raised over the DVD and operational owners manual?

Additionally, what is meant by the following terms on the gear lever:- sport, norm, ECT, TEMS, Gear Shift.

How can I access the manual for this car?


9th Oct 2014, 14:00

Switch off the car. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Switch on the head lights to full beam with the terminal disconnected, then press the hooter five times. Leave the terminal disconnected for ten minutes, then reconnect the terminal. Make sure it's secure and your screen should be working. If it didn't help, e-mail me with more details at mikeadez343@gmail.com.

26th Oct 2014, 05:06

May you please supply the English PDF version. My email address is parmuda1974.mp@gmail.com

4th Nov 2014, 09:38

Good day everyone,

I have a Mark 2 Grande. Can anyone help me with the English version of the owner manual please?


13th Nov 2014, 19:14

Hi, I have a problem with the Japanese language for the GPS, and would appreciate it if you could email me the screen translation from Japanese to English in PDF file format. My email is desherri@optonline.net.

Thank you!

19th Nov 2014, 08:13

I have the same problem on the same vehicle. If you have found the solution, please assist me. My email address is munenestanley@gmail.com.

2nd Dec 2014, 07:38

My e-mail is jamesorwa@rocketmail.com. Kindly send the translation ASAP...

14th Feb 2015, 14:57

Hi, any friend with a manual for a 2004 Mark 2, kindly email me a copy to assist me with understanding my car better. Please send to: cbibiu@yahoo.com.

Thanks. Ndugu - Nairobi, East Africa.

13th Mar 2015, 13:46

I am from Zambia. The gentleman is correct. What he is saying is that when you switch on the fog light using the ring, nothing happens unless it's together with the indicator switch, but only on that side. The indicator flashes, and at the same time the fog light is continuously on. I have the same problem. Is there any site for wiring? jdokowe@gmail.com

13th Mar 2015, 19:39

Hi guys, my name is Albert from Zimbabwe. My Mark 1JZ is refusing to start. I have replaced the injectors. Injector drive is fine because I have tested it on another Mark II. I am not sure about the ECU and the quality of plugs I am using. What could be the reason for it not starting? I have also replaced the starter.

19th Mar 2015, 07:58

Tomas in Tanzania.

I have been driving the Chaser since 2011 and servicing it every 3000km, and it's still very new and I can do whatever speeds I want with ease. However I seem to have lost the heater, which forced me to bypass the channel from the radiator, which normally heats up the dashboard. This works well as I can use the air con when it's hot, but not the other way; I cannot heat the cabin when it's cold. Does anyone know where I can fix this or get the parts please?


7th Jun 2015, 05:19

Vibrations at certain speeds are reminiscent of tires with bulges. Lower the pressure one tire at a time and test drive the car to isolate the problematic tire, then replace it. Remember to balance the pressure in the other tires afterwards. Hope this helps! Good luck.

25th Jun 2015, 22:14

Hello guys.

I want to buy mark 2 Grande 2004 (2400cc). I would like to know the mileage per litre.

Also if someone could send me the owners manual?

Kindly email sharukh_shaikh@hotmail.com

11th Jul 2015, 05:56


I have Toyota Grade Mark II, 1997 (GX100).

I am looking for a user manual for the same model in English. Can anyone help?

Regards, imranmaskeen@yahoo.co.uk

13th Jul 2015, 18:23

Hi Mark 2 owners.

I have a 1jz-fse Mark 2 and I seem to have two problems.

1. The vehicle is switching off when I brake and it's in drive. Idling seems to be low. Please help.

2. Main headlamps not working except for the inner lights.

Please, if someone has solved any of these problems before, please reply or send me an email at chibwendo@outlook.com.

20th Jul 2015, 16:03

Hi, I'm Anuradha from Sri Lanka. I own a Mark II GX110 - 2001 model. I'm having an issue with changing the timing belt. Once the timing belt was removed to replace it, I knew that the engine is a Lexus one and not the usual engine that comes with this model. Does anyone know the history of this? My email is anuradhameg@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.

4th Aug 2015, 13:05

Hi, Evans here from Zambia. My screen is in Japanese and I'm trying to change it to English. I am requesting the PDF Japanese/English translation manual for my Mark 2 touchscreen (GPS screen).

My DVD has never worked since I bought the car; discs do insert, but don't play, what can I do? Please can you help me through my email evansmtonga@gmail.com

10th Nov 2015, 20:16

My name is Mahdi. I live in Mogadishu Somalia. I wanna ask one question; I don't know where I turn on the lower lights on the front, the spot lights, so please help me.

4th Jan 2016, 13:50

Good Afternoon.

I own a Mark II Grande in Zimbabwe and would like any help on getting an English manual, be it a service manual or garage manual. Many thanks. Your help with this is much appreciated.

Please send a PDF to leonjacobsz41@gmail.com

14th Jan 2016, 15:05

Hello friend.

I have a Toyota mark II Model 2003 Anniversary one, and yes it's superb car.

Kindly I need assistance with the Japanese translation manual and screen.

My email is mbaabujoshua@yahoo.com.

Thanks, Josh.

16th Jan 2016, 06:28


I also want to get an English version.

My email is yadana.lotus@gmail.com


16th Feb 2016, 02:18

Hi friend.

I am a new user of the 2002 Mark II Grade Regalia, 2000cc engine, auto transmission. It's a good, reliable car.

Kindly send me the English translations for its user manual, screen displays and any other important documents that come with the car.

My email is mersherk@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance, Masha from Mombasa, Kenya.

22nd Mar 2016, 13:45

Hi Dorothy, I'm currently facing the same problem. Did you get any solutions. Please send them to me through email: fbwalya@utt-tz.org.

Freza Bwalya from Tanzania.

23rd Mar 2016, 10:06

I have a JZX110 2.5 liter .Please also check the ignition system... plugs, oxygen sensor etc.

Clive (Uganda).

23rd Mar 2016, 10:10

I had same problem earlier, but fixed it! Please check the center bearing bush on the propeller. Sometimes it is worn out and brings in vibrations at that speed.

Clive (Uganda).

23rd Mar 2016, 10:28

Check if the fuse(s) for the odometer displays are not burnt.

Clive (Uganda).

23rd Mar 2016, 10:31

Just on the headlights switch, scroll the top knob forward.

Clive (Uganda).

23rd Mar 2016, 10:37

The plugs are the problem! Stick to Iridium Denso plugs (single or triple head). They are expensive, but last long enough before another replacement.

Clive (Uganda).