12th Jul 2006, 03:10

I am having problems with the Japanese version. Please email me at ahmedshah10381@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance.

2nd Aug 2006, 22:46

I have a Mark II 2001 model. My touch screen navigation panal does not working. No change when I touch the screen What should I do now? Can any body tell me?


28th Oct 2006, 16:14

My name is jaswant Behari of Guyana south America. I bought my first MK11 in 1987,since I have bought a 1993 and then a 1999 which is a 4 wheel drive. My experiences with the MK11 are awesome. I live in the USA and have just bought a 2007 camry which is a great car. but if the MK11 was in the US I would have bought another. The MK 11. is an excellent experience.

4th Nov 2006, 03:16

I have Mark II, 35th Anniversary, 2003 model. The car is fabulous. I noticed significant improvement in fuel consumption and drive by replacing two filters. 1. Air Filter (Part # 17801-70050), 2. Oil Filter (part # 90915-20003). I also replaced the pollen Filter for the A/C. The engine oil I am using is Mobil1 (SAE 5W/50) fully synthetic. Now, it is a different Mark-II I am driving which is giving me over 11KM/Lit with silent, smooth gorgeous drive!!!

Ansar (Karachi)

6th Dec 2006, 04:02

Hi my name is Alex.

Please e- mail me a copy of the Toyota Mark ii Gx100 manual, as I am in need of one (numbernane@yahoo.com)

14th Dec 2006, 04:49

Hi! My name is Robert, from Kenya. I own a 1993 Mark II SX80 body Manual transmission. It runs like a dream considering our bad roads in rural kenya-i think this is the greatest car ever made by Toyota. Despite its Rear wheel Drive it Gives me over 10km/ltr.

1st Feb 2007, 02:52

Hi all.

I own a Mark II Grandee, 2003, 2000cc model, in Karachi Pakistan. Despite the bad roads, this car is truly awesome. In my view, it is by far one of the best cars I have driven. The only problem is the LCD screen is in Japanese. I would really appreciate it if someone could please send me a copy of the English translation of the screen or car manual in English. My contact is: shariqnaqvi@hotmail.com

14th Feb 2007, 23:23

Erick from Tanzania, I own a Toyota Mark II Grange 2004, it's a fabulous machine, please provide a English version of the Operators Manual. And ensure spare parts availability.


26th Feb 2007, 09:10

Happy Mark II Grande owners. Can anyone help me with a screen translation from Japanese to English?

I love the car, a 2003 model.


24th Mar 2007, 11:11


I am interested in purchasing/obtaining a copy of the oyota Mark 2 Grande 2003 (35th Anniversary) genuine Owners Manual in Japanese. If anyone has this or a Mark 2 genuine Manual of years (2001-2003) in Japanese I'm interested to hear from you/your terms. I could be contacted at the address below:

Sanjay M. Wijesinghe,

115, Havelock Road,

Colombo 05,

Sri Lanka.

Facsimile: +94-5333419

Tel: +94-1-2584624.

The Manual should be in good condition (i.e. should not be damaged or torn in anyway).

Thank You.


Sanjay Wijesinghe


Sri Lanka.

PS. Mr. Ansar (Karachi), if you could be gracious enough to respond, I would be deeply grateful!

4th Apr 2007, 07:21

Hi My Mark II GX100 is continuosly showing the air bag indicator what should I do?

12th Apr 2007, 05:54

Re: Airbag problem.

I believe there is a problem with your Airbag system and this needs to be shown to a Toyota Dealer in your country. It could be a electronic sensor problem or the Airbag System may need to be checked and replaced if necessary. Usually these are not common. By the way how old is your car?



19th Apr 2007, 19:54

Two weeks ago I bought a 2000 made Mark II Grande with a 2997cc engine, but got only a japanese owners manual. Can anyone help me to get a English version?

Pls. email at : fredherman2002@yahoo.com


South America.

22nd Apr 2007, 23:46

A lot of poeple asked me where did I buy the Toyota Mark II 2002-2003 owner’s manual in English. The book is available at the following web sites:



I hope this will help.


14th Jul 2007, 01:28

Hi Mark II Lovers.

1. I need help with the Japanese translation on the LCD.

2. Is there an African (Kenya covered) navigation DVD? Where can I buy it? (email or shop location)

3. What can I do to view local TV from my Mark II Grande?.. it's just rainy on the screen / LCD?

4. Does anyone have an English manual?

Please send to email; davis.opil@gmail.com or dopil@ccsabco.co.za

21st Jul 2007, 12:51

Mark 11 is the car of my dreams. I used to own a 1989 and a 1996, and have now upgraded to a 2.5litre d4 engine. I constantly have this problem with the gas regulator where I have to change them due to the leakage of gas after they become defective. Also, this car is losing power; whenever I try to accelerate it hesitates before moving, and also when driving. I live in Jamaica and was told that these engines have fuel pump problems in third world countries due to the type of fuel. I used genuine products and serviced my car regularly. Kindly advise me what to do. I love my car.

20th Aug 2007, 04:15

I just purchased a 1996 Toyota Mark II Grande Regalia. I am a US Military Service member stationed in Okinawa Japan and my understanding of Japanese is non existent. The car has a Toyota model # 56002 AV system which includes navigation, CD and cassette player, stereo and TV. The big problem that I am having is that it is all in Kanji (Japanese), including the manual. I cannot seem to get the CD and cassette player or the TV to function, again due to my ignorance of the Japanese language. Is anyone aware of an English manual or point me in the right direction. Thank you ahead of time, Patrick Gilmore email: goneawayhappy@yahoo.com.

28th Aug 2007, 23:17

29th August 2007.


Anyone looking for owners manuals in English, could go to the following websites and check them out/purchase them:



Thank you to Mr. Ansar for helping us out in this regard. Could anyone let me know if these owners manuals are genuine?


Sanjay Wijesinghe (Sri Lanka)

7th Sep 2007, 04:34

Hey Mark II lovers and owners

My name is Tuma from Kenya and I am in a process of acquiring a Toyota mark II Tourer-S 2000 model with 2.0 L engine.

Am kindly requesting if anyone has any information regarding this models to please advice me

How is its Consumption?

How it handles the road?

Thanks guys and lest continue with the pleasure this cars provides

By the way the 2003 35 anniversary model is a great car.

30th Sep 2007, 18:27

I have a 1999 mark11 which is a four wheel drive. This car is beautiful and great in performance. Recently I observed that the vehicle has a vibration. If started when the car is cold the RPM will rise. Once the RPM returns to normal the car vibrates. The engine does not vibrates and it is level and still. I am not sure what causes it. If anyone knows what the problem may be, kindly email me at toondhooj@yahoo.com.

10th Oct 2007, 08:25

Re: Vibration Problem.


It is 'normal' for the RPM to increase after a 'Cold Start,' though excessive levels of this should be verified; preferably by a Toyota dealer.

What is the odometer reading on your car? Have you done an Engine-Tune Up lately? Is your engine mis-firing? These are some of the questions that may concern you. Plus, use good quality fuel (with an Octane Rating of atleast 91) and see if there is a difference in the vibration levels/performance. Some Toyota dealers may also want to check the condition of the spark plugs in your vehicle and possibly perform a routine service.

Hope that helps...