20th Oct 2017, 02:47

For the sake & safety of others, I sure hope that there were no other motorists on the road or even children playing on a snowbank when you were getting your fantastic joyrides.

20th Oct 2017, 19:21

There wasn't 57 years ago when it was purchased brand new. There's far better comments to share about this fine little roadster. When you sell your mystery vehicle, you will have an opportunity to share many of your fine experiences as well first hand.

20th Oct 2017, 23:09

And you're the one who started talking about a Volt on a review of a RAV4? Maybe you should limit your comments to reviews of models you actually own, since that seems to be of such importance to you.

1st Nov 2017, 14:19

Really? Nobody on the road after a snow storm? You must have lived in no man's land. I remember cars slipping and sliding everywhere when I lived in that type of climate.

1st Nov 2017, 18:46

Maybe minimal would be more appropriate. Does that work for you? You seem like an angry guy.

2nd Nov 2017, 03:53

No anger here, just posting a comment.

2nd Nov 2017, 10:19

Anytime I ask what someone drives it’s questioned. Why not just tell the truth and freely answer. Not evasive. What does it hurt? Why the hesitation? Taking a defensive posture saying I don’t have too is perplexing. We do not know one another. We do not even know your first name. No one's after you. If you are in any specific review, it really helps all others that read. Why? Because the very next reader may be shopping for one. You had one daily time behind the actual wheel of that car. I buy cars very often. If you have owned one, driven one extensively, rented or even worked on one, it certainly adds tremendously. It’s not opinion. Maybe you had an older version and soured on what followed. Or you are a import only or domestic. For years there was tremendous bias in never buying an import. Or you are a Ford guy and wouldn’t be seen in a GM or Dodge.

I use to visit domestic factories in the 80s and literally hid my import at the other side of the parking lot. Now I own both imports and domestics. The stigma is pretty much gone. And if I like I buy. At any rate, it’s certainly nice to have facts from an owner. Personally I do not really care who you are or what you had for dinner. I will never meet or see you. As mentioned, we do not even know one another’s name. However on a specific brand and make, your ownership history past or present total impression does. I can read and pass along that kind of information myself. But nothing like the real driver who has one and spends his or her real personal dollars on maintenance. We especially like direct comments from someone that had the same model 5 years. Often I see coworkers, customers that come into my company and ask if it’s theirs. And if they really like it. And how the dealer experience was. And would they buy one again. And what they owned before. And how was it. I get people asking about mine as well. That’s real value.

I will add one last point. Whatever we drive, it’s great to have fun and enjoy what we have. There a lot of people on here that really have a dream to own a new vehicle under review. It gets a bit negative on here at times. Maybe you resent what someone drives. Have a car bias or are not very objective. Maybe a bad commute or day at work and you vent at other commenters. People have agendas, and what better way than to vent with people you don’t know. Just a guess. So if I ask what you drive, it means I am very interested in really buying. I have tried lots of different vehicles, boats and even motorcycles. So I ask how do you like it? If you do not share it, fine. The beauty of this site is that you can skip over or dismiss comments. I like reading owners forums as well. I am on a couple with actual owners of my same cars and like the tech tips, parts sourcing, quality of service others have experienced at repair facilities etc. I like shopping for cars on this survey. Overall very good, what to buy, what to steer away from.

Good Luck!

2nd Nov 2017, 19:26

There is no requirement for anyone to reveal personal information about their past car ownership. You're free to ask politely, but making an issue out of a lack of response is not helpful, and leads to a less than pleasant vibe in the discussions. I'm sure visitors can read the discussions, and can judge each comment on its own merits, depending on how knowledgeable the contributor appears to be.


2nd Nov 2017, 19:56

Absolutely it’s totally anonymous. It’s not giving out any proprietary tracking info. It’s certainly a tremendous plus if a guy has a car that you plan on adding, because you may be in the market. It’s an interesting approach if you can discern who knows a great deal of real life data, actual specifics and who is just on the idle chit chat. Unfortunately I will have to develop more filter skills. Cars cost a great deal of money to acquire.

2nd Nov 2017, 20:08

Thank you, maybe this will quiet things down a bit on a terrific website.

5th May 2018, 19:16

Wow, original poster here after years... a lot of conversations have gone on since I was last here. I STILL have the RAV 4 and it's over 101K miles now. Let me just say the negative comments about reliability are wrong in my case. Brakes and tires are ALL it has had replaced, and it still drives like it did pretty much on day one. It is seriously the best vehicle we've ever had. I wish I had bought two of them. It's a shame they dropped the V6 as it was the best package they ever had. The other thing that amazes me about it is the lack of rust underneath after 8 years of salty winter roads. It is extremely clean top to bottom still.

All in all I highly recommend Toyota. We'll be passing this one on to our daughter in a few years, and she'll likely get another 150K miles out of it if she needs to.