2nd Feb 2012, 16:18

I am totally convinced that those maintaining that they are capable of carrying on a normal conversation in a RAV 4 (or Honda CRV for that matter) are truthful. There are many people who have hyper-acute hearing that can hear very well in extremely noisy environments, so I have no doubt that these folks are not exaggerating. It is possible.

3rd Feb 2012, 21:30

Many people who own older Toyotas are going to be very disappointed if they rely on past experience as a reason for buying new Toyotas. Cars change... A LOT. While domestics have gotten far, far better, more sophisticated and more reliable in every respect, Toyota has relied on the myth that they are still a good and customer-oriented company. Not so at all.

23 MILLION recalls??? Many car companies have never even BUILT 23 million cars. And "modern and sophisticated"?? Hardly. Three major automotive reviewers ranked compact cars. One referred to the Corolla as "basic A-B transportation, with nothing in between". It was referred to as antiquated and unsophisticated (which it most assuredly IS). Two of the sources didn't even feel the Corolla deserved a spot in their comparisons. Ford and Hyundai took top honors in all three.

Basing a car purchase on a 10-15 year-old car makes zero sense.

23rd Nov 2015, 00:43

So it has been a few years since I posted on this site about my RAV 4, which this thread was based on originally. I still have it, and yes it is still running great with over 60K on it. Nothing but front brakes and tires thus far. Been running Mobil 1 in it consistently. It still drives nice and tight and quiet overall, but I did ditch the run flats for standard tires (cost). It still drives pretty close to day one, and it looks fantastic too with very minimal surface rust underneath from the hard NY winters. It's a great vehicle.

We will be giving it to our daughter in 5 years as her first car. I am more than confident it will still look and run as good as it does today, then.