2nd Feb 2012, 16:18

I am totally convinced that those maintaining that they are capable of carrying on a normal conversation in a RAV 4 (or Honda CRV for that matter) are truthful. There are many people who have hyper-acute hearing that can hear very well in extremely noisy environments, so I have no doubt that these folks are not exaggerating. It is possible.

3rd Feb 2012, 21:30

Many people who own older Toyotas are going to be very disappointed if they rely on past experience as a reason for buying new Toyotas. Cars change... A LOT. While domestics have gotten far, far better, more sophisticated and more reliable in every respect, Toyota has relied on the myth that they are still a good and customer-oriented company. Not so at all.

23 MILLION recalls??? Many car companies have never even BUILT 23 million cars. And "modern and sophisticated"?? Hardly. Three major automotive reviewers ranked compact cars. One referred to the Corolla as "basic A-B transportation, with nothing in between". It was referred to as antiquated and unsophisticated (which it most assuredly IS). Two of the sources didn't even feel the Corolla deserved a spot in their comparisons. Ford and Hyundai took top honors in all three.

Basing a car purchase on a 10-15 year-old car makes zero sense.

23rd Nov 2015, 00:43

So it has been a few years since I posted on this site about my RAV 4, which this thread was based on originally. I still have it, and yes it is still running great with over 60K on it. Nothing but front brakes and tires thus far. Been running Mobil 1 in it consistently. It still drives nice and tight and quiet overall, but I did ditch the run flats for standard tires (cost). It still drives pretty close to day one, and it looks fantastic too with very minimal surface rust underneath from the hard NY winters. It's a great vehicle.

We will be giving it to our daughter in 5 years as her first car. I am more than confident it will still look and run as good as it does today, then.

8th Oct 2017, 12:51

Driving in the snow is a "pleasure"? Could you explain in full detail how that can be remotely possible?

8th Oct 2017, 16:27

Try it in a 1960 MGA. My dad took me for fantastic rides after a fresh snow in the Northeast. Less fun in hot intense late summer heat by a wide margin.

9th Oct 2017, 16:57

OK I'll try it. But a 1960 MGA may be hard to come across these days.

9th Oct 2017, 18:37

Joy of the internet. I know of 3. Not at all. It's easy to buy them.

10th Oct 2017, 17:30

Just one more garage lift and you can add another car.

11th Oct 2017, 15:00

Sounds like 16:57 is all set now.

12th Oct 2017, 15:13

Not yet, I still have to purchase the 1960 MGA, move out of state to a place where it snows and then find a garage big enough for the extra lift.

12th Oct 2017, 21:55

We have 2 residences. Buy the car and drive between the 2 weather extremes. Or buy a Volt.

13th Oct 2017, 02:39

And I'm sure it was a lot safer driving in fresh snow with a rear-drive light weight vehicle with pizza-cutter sized tires.

13th Oct 2017, 09:35

That’s right, the very low center of gravity made it very stable to drive. Instead of fretting over where to keep a fun collector car, just pay the 150 month climate controlled local storage. You sound ultra conservative. What do you drive now? By the way, very wide tires do not always grip as well on rain slicked roads or ice and snow. But if you divulge what you drive, it would make a far better comparison for all of us on the forum.

13th Oct 2017, 15:02

Tell us a little more about your Volt, does it handle good in the snow and one icy roads? Are you satisfied with the fuel economy? Is it a burden having to plug and unplug the power cord? Do you think GM hit a home run with its technology? I figured I'd ask somebody who owns one. There are a lot of comments on this site about the Volt, but yet I don't see to many of them on the road.

15th Oct 2017, 02:20

Why is it so important for you to know what someone drives that you ask this question on every review where comments are generated?

15th Oct 2017, 14:02

Yeah, tell me about it.

15th Oct 2017, 15:41

What not just answer it? I now drive a Porsche 911. Someone asks simple answer. Not deflected answers. It's just interesting to know if you comment so heavily back and forth on a review if you actually ever had one. Sure it adds more actual hands on credence plus and minuses to all other reviewers. We did own one purchased new. Ever drive one in the snow? I have. If you haven't, simply say so.

15th Oct 2017, 19:36

I'm with you, and don't get it myself. I have also seen comments in question wanting to know what everybody drives along with their suggestions on what vehicle to buy. But when you ask them about their Volt, they don't reply.

16th Oct 2017, 09:59

I am commenter 9:35 and the next commenter 15:02 asked the same exact question, so there are 2 of us asking what you drive? What’s the big secret? Anybody asks what I drive, I am proud to reply. And it’s not import vs domestic. We currently have both. If you are comparing driving characteristics on a car that's quite rare today, have you owned or driven one? Do you even have snow?

16th Oct 2017, 14:23

Interesting on the wheel/pizza gripe. We always thought ours were beautiful. To buy a replacement gorgeous wire wheel set today is 2/3 of the cost of the sports car when brand new. 15:13 says he's buying one too. Plan on 35k for a nice example. And you now drive what?

16th Oct 2017, 15:31

No, I wrote 15:02 and questioned you about your Volt.

16th Oct 2017, 18:11

15:31 I said what you said. I think we both know what he drives and likely he won't respond. Or say asking doesn't matter. A bunch of strong comments, yet never behind the wheel and/or the exact weather conditions in such a vehicle. I am all for opinion, but if you consistently drive and own any specific vehicle on here, there's real world drivability experience and merit. I just saw a DeLorean post on here today. There's no way possible I could offer a credible evaluation on its handling and performance. Never drove or owned one. I saw the movie. I could not possibly compare it to any other car or truck on this forum. I would ask questions on here from someone that has if I was in the market. Or at the very minimum for actual day to day expenditures etc that I may expect. So yes if you had one, drove one etc. it is very valid.

16th Oct 2017, 18:27

"15:13 says he's buying one too." LOL

Sarcasm detector broken again?

16th Oct 2017, 20:27

Interesting how you feel that you have persuaded 15:13 to buy a 1960 MGA. If they get tired of it, maybe then you can convince them on a Porsche.

17th Oct 2017, 10:42

I am not convincing anyone to buy anything. It's just when they make comments with absolutely no credible experience whatsoever behind the wheel in snow or any other weather conditions of a specific vehicle. Car, truck or otherwise. Then they say they are buying one after knocking it as soon as they resolve their storage issues. I highly doubt this guy will respond back. Just hoping to read valid reviews, as I do shop and buy vehicles. There's a lot of great reviews on here. Then I combine with real life owners and even have talked with owners in dealer service departments awaiting in my car. If you hear enough good things, you buy after a thorough test drive.

If this guy does buy an MGA, I will add this. Buying that model is just the beginning. The maintenance is another consideration adding to the cost of ownership. Your oil change intervals will also include new spark plugs and a tune up with this British roadster. You can't lock it and don't even have roll up windows. They pop in. But the fun factor can surpass this. The styling of these holds up extremely well over time with the MGA. It's very light and nimble. I do not know what more the other guy can add further, and I suspect he will disappear to the next review car. This would be a fun car to have with the model in this review. To have some fun. Fall is great with this car with the top down or zip up the passenger side with the cockpit tonneau cover. Worrying over storage shouldn't hold you back.