13th Jan 2012, 09:40

It's funny that the author of that comment claims that it was his son's Malibu, but on a completely different post (2003 Celica) the exact same story, they claim it was a dear friends Malibu. How could you forget who's car it was, especially when each comment was a couple days of apart? Hmmmmm.

13th Jan 2012, 22:12

As a former 2008 RAV-4 owner, I came across another review where another owner says that it's the smoothest driving compact SUV.

I just don't buy it, mine had so much road noise and loud groaning noises from the steering, even after the run flat tires were changed to another type of tire.

On top of it all, the water pump failed at early mileage.

I don't miss it at all.

16th Jan 2012, 17:45

The noisiest vehicle I have ever ridden in is the RAV 4. You can't carry on a conversation in it without yelling.

17th Jan 2012, 12:32

Okay, here we go again with the same old post. AGAIN, no vehicle made today requires yelling to carry on a conversation. Please STOP posting this same claim over and over again. I haven't had to yell back and forth in any vehicle since the 60's. This is such an erroneous claim by an obvious Toyota hater.

17th Jan 2012, 13:45

You buy the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4 for reliability and resale. They are basic SUVs, and yes, you can load them up with options if you want to, but the basic model is just better value.

Also, these SUVs last between 10-15 years... so if you are the type that trades it in every 3-5 years, you are wasting your money.

If you want the fastest, the sleekest, the quietest or the best handling SUV, look elsewhere... but be prepared to pay thousands more... they are out there for a price.

If people would stop confusing reliability with performance or other factors, the bank accounts of Americans would be a lot bigger, and not in the pockets of mechanics.

18th Jan 2012, 13:48

Huh? My RAV 4 Sport is anything but basic. It is super fun to drive and outperforms any SUV in its class. It drives like a car and still pulls my 18 foot boat around when I need it to. Yes, I bought it for reliability, but getting a stripper model just wasn't for me. Mine will hold its value far better than the domestic vehicles we tested it against. Every other RAV 4 I see is a Sport or a Limited model. About half of them are V6 models too, as the engine is about the same efficiency as the 4 cylinder.

I have to disagree that you need to spend so much more to get what I already have, which is a super powerful, great driving, smooth and quiet small SUV. Where the unrefined, noisy comments come from are only Toyota haters, nothing else. Most who claim this vehicle is noisy and rough have probably never even been in one, never mind owned one.

18th Jan 2012, 18:34

I don't know of anyone who has kept a RAV-4 or a CR-V for 15 years. No one is that big of a glutton for punishment. And "quiet RAV-4" is an oxymoron!!

19th Jan 2012, 10:26

I know tons of people who have kept CR-Vs and Rav4s for 15 years or more. They're the ones that have lots of money and a smile on their face, since they didn't buy some piece of junk, and didn't blow all their money fixing it. Can't go wrong with Hondas or Toyotas.

19th Jan 2012, 13:03

Funny, I see a ton of 10-15 year old RAV 4's around here. They run forever. Oh, and I am done with the ridiculous noisy comments. I drive mine every day, and I know how quiet it is, so get over it already!

19th Jan 2012, 17:01

Read comment 22:12, looks to me like they owned one.

19th Jan 2012, 19:09

Reliability? I think not.

We inherited a 2009 model, and it is awful as far as reliability; multiple problems from the transmission kicking on downshifts, to a bad starter under 40,000 miles, and other ridiculous things.

We decided we don't need a third car, so my friend who is a dealer is going to dump it at the auction. I can't live with the guilt of selling it to somebody.

20th Jan 2012, 09:13

RAV-4's do have problematic transmissions, ours was wasted at 45,000 miles.

The Nissan Murano we now own runs circles around the RAV, and has a smoother, quieter ride.

20th Jan 2012, 11:29


I did own a 2008 and it had a very noisy ride, like driving on gravel at all times. Why is this so hard to believe?

20th Jan 2012, 15:14

Please plug into the computer... reliability of the 2006-2010 Toyota RAV4... Go to Consumer Guide Automotive. It will give you the problems on the 2006-2010 that affected a small percentage of rav4s. Not all... but some. Most of these problems are not major... they can be handled by any reliable mechanic. Do not go to a dealership unless you are under warranty. Any good, reliable mechanic can fix these items for a reasonable price. If the dealer matches it, and you feel they have good mechanics from past experience, go with them.

20th Jan 2012, 17:49

I agree with these comments, I also see a lot of 15 year old RAV-4's. Each one comes complete with rust, faded paint, leaking exhaust, loud 4 cylinder engines, duct tape holding the side view mirrors, turn signals and brake lights that don't work, squealing belts and smoke coming out of the tail pipe.

21st Jan 2012, 09:47

Listen, I will post about it if my RAV 4 suddenly becomes noisy at some point. It just isn't so right now though. Why is that so hard to believe? I have no call to make this stuff up... really I don't. I am not sure what you are comparing yours to. A Town Car or Cadillac maybe? Well then yeah it is louder. Every other vehicle in its class? Well then NO it isn't louder. Even the car mags have praised how quiet and smooth the RAV 4 is. It just made the "best of" list again too with good reason.

So good for you. You've moved on, so be happy with your new vehicle. I am thrilled with mine, and will continue to be until something goes wrong on it. Since it is a Toyota, I am not expecting much drama though. The mythical major problems they seem to have just somehow escape my experiences. Only GM meets those low expectations of quality.

21st Jan 2012, 09:51

I have never seen even a mid 90's RAV 4 all rusted out and falling apart, and I live in NY state... home of the saltiest roads in the Northeast.

Seriously, it is getting tiring reading posts from car company haters, just to try and push some agenda that they like the best brands. Relating stories about all older RAV 4's driving around falling apart and burning oil is inaccurate to say the least. Again, if you have owned one and had this experience after taking proper care of it, then maybe that would be worth reading about. Just because you saw maybe one or two badly cared for vehicles, that hardly makes for a case against the RAV 4 as being a long lasting, high quality vehicle. Sorry.

21st Jan 2012, 09:56

You can go on and "plug in" any vehicle make and model onto the computer and find a slew of "major" problems with it. How do you think I found all of my Trailblazer issues? Those vehicles were so poorly made it was amazing to me that anyone bought a new one after 2004. GM refused to redesign certain components that were known to fail, like the fan clutch that virtually every one had fail. All vehicles have their issues. The Internet is a great tool for ANY vehicle's issues.