23rd Jan 2012, 20:50

No, I am not comparing it to a Town Car or Cadillac, just other crossovers that I have driven, like my wife's HHR and my brother's Santa-Fe, both of which have no road noise and groans in the steering like the Rav did.

I believe we have crossed paths before, and I really don't have time for your back and forth argument. My Rav-4 was a noise trap and that's that.

Good day.

24th Jan 2012, 09:13

And yet here you are arguing back and forth.

Sorry you got a lemon, but mine is perfect. Guess it is time for you to go start a thread about your Hyundai then?

Good luck to you.

24th Jan 2012, 22:41

I suspect that the "thousands of fan clutch problems" rumored for GM's Trailblazer line is like the "thousands of fire deaths" rumored for Pinto (There were really less than 30, it had a better safety record than most cars).

My extended family has owned 4 of the Trailblazer models that are supposedly so "poorly built" and "unreliable". Three of them have passed 100,000 miles with not a single repair, and the third is at 67,000 miles with nothing wrong yet. You can find ANY issue blown out of proportion on the Internet by GM or Ford haters.

We now own a 7-year-old Ford, a 6-year-old Ford and a 9-year-old GM. Not one of them has had a single repair. Not even brake pads.

25th Jan 2012, 08:58

Okay, this argument is tired too. I know what happened to mine, so that is all that is needed to be said anymore. Next topic please!!!

26th Jan 2012, 15:25

Why is it that when someone points out the fallacy of the "unreliable Trailblazer" urban myth, that it is always "time to move on"??

26th Jan 2012, 16:50

Yep, because all RAV-4 and Trailblazer experiences revolve around yours.

26th Jan 2012, 19:31

At last... the argument will end! Thank you! Stick with what works for you, and I'll do the same.

27th Jan 2012, 08:34

Absolutely NOT, however this site was designed for ACTUAL EXPERIENCE, and not hearsay by Toyota haters and such. I guess just listing facts about what has actually happened to my vehicles is too much for some people to handle. WHATEVER!! Seriously, I know what I have spent and I know what my experiences are. JUST DROP IT NOW!!

I am sick of hearing mythical stories from people who don't own the brands they are commenting on. At least I never do that!!

Now MOVE ON PLEASE, and start your own threads about your actual vehicles. THANK YOU!!

28th Jan 2012, 09:47

Actually there is a thread on here about my brother's Santa-Fe When you are done arguing with these other people, you should try to find it, because it is a true and honest experience, just like the poor riding RAV-4 I had.

Good luck.

28th Jan 2012, 15:52

I know what my experiences are too, the 2009 RAV-4 that we inherited is awful, plain and simple.

It seems to me that all the Toyota buffs on this site are the ones that can't handle it when somebody else has a horrific experience with one, and in the end the person who got burned gets insulted in an unnecessary argument, just because somebody has to get the last word in (they know who they are).

I'm fairly new to this site, and am sorry I ever posted a review. Within hours of my post, I get a comment telling me that RAV-4's don't come equipped with plastic hub caps. I suppose it was just my imagination when they were falling off. WHATEVER!

29th Jan 2012, 14:04

Someday (soon probably) a doctoral candidate in psychology will do a study on how a mediocre and apathetic company such as Toyota can create such blind, unquestioning loyalty in people who buy their products. They will put up with 23 million recalls, thousands in repairs, insufferable noise and rattles, and staunchly maintain that the cars are "better" than GM vehicles that go 100,000 miles with not one single repair. This has to require some major mind control.

As for the RAV-4, I've ridden in several. Noise IS an issue. Normal conversation is not possible. In addition, this is not just a RAV-4 issue. I took a road trip in a friend's new Accord this weekend, and found the road noise so loud we were constantly yelling to be heard above the horrible wind and road noise. He commented that the noise was much worse than in his previous Ford Taurus with over 100,000 miles on it.

I realize that there will be howls of protest from those maintaining that their RAV's are as quiet as a Bentley, and their Accords quieter than a Ford Fusion, and I guess therein lies the need for the doctoral thesis on this odd perception.

30th Jan 2012, 20:39

Hmm, where are you getting this? Are you just hard of hearing perhaps?

We have an '09 Camry and an '06 CR-V, neither one has excessive road noise, and especially not to the point of having to yell to carry out a conversation. My mother (the owner of the CR-V who is completely deaf in her left ear) has never once complained of having a hard time hearing me in either her car or mine.

My son's '96 Corolla with its snow tires on is quite loud, but once we put the regular summer tires on it, even it goes back to being fairly quiet (for a 16 year old econobox with 198,000 miles).

A good friend of ours recently traded in his '06 Toyota RAV-4 for a brand new Toyota Tundra. He loved his RAV-4, but wanted something bigger. I rode in his RAV-4 dozens of times, and not once did I have to yell to carry out a conversation with him. I've ridden in his new Tundra as well; by far the most comfortable truck I've ever been in.

I haven't ridden in or driven any of the new domestics, so I cannot comment on them, however, I must say that I completely disagree with your assessment of today's imports.

1st Feb 2012, 13:24

Along with your good friend, we also traded in our RAV-4, due to a transmission that failed at a hefty 45,000 miles with no help from the dealer.

Compared to the RAV-4, I find our Nissan Murano more powerful, quieter and far more comfortable. The only thing that was better on the RAV-4 was the fuel mileage.

2nd Feb 2012, 14:08

There is no need for a "doctoral candidate in psychology". As a lifelong owner of Toyotas - as are my parents and brother as well - the reason Toyota owners like us are loyal to the brand, is because they are GOOD. The fact that I bought a Toyota truck in high school, and am now in my mid 30's and own the SAME truck, and have had zero issues with it, other than a clutch that needed replacement at 200,000 miles and a faulty front wheel bearing, is just one of many reasons why I and others are loyal. My brother just a few months ago traded in a 12 year old Toyota Avalon. I don't remember the exact mileage, but it was way over 300,000 miles. He didn't exactly take the best care of it either, and yet it just ran and ran and ran. Heck - we didn't even replace the timing belt until it hit 270,000 miles - which I don't recommend, but given that the belt lasted several times over the period it should have, is just more proof that their cars are extremely well-engineered.

I could go on and on. But people generally buy products that leave them with a good ownership experience. I have yet to have a bad experience with Toyota, and thus me and millions of others will continue to buy them. Now - I don't doubt that there are other brands that make good products. But why should people like me switch if we have no reason to. If owning a well-engineered, reliable, highly competent vehicle is deemed "mediocre", then I guess I'll keep on buying "mediocre" cars.