2000 Citroen Saxo Furio 1.0 from UK and Ireland


A time bomb waiting to go off


I bought the car in April 2000, and in April 2001 it went on fire for no reason (due to electrical faults). If anyone has a had similar problem, I would love to hear from you. My E-Mail add is VinoWard@yahoo.com.

Thank you!

General Comments:

The car is a good car, but in need of a lot of attention all Saxo's.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2002

2000 Citroen Saxo furio 1.4i from UK and Ireland


Save your cash get a 106 GTI


I required a complete new exhaust system from the down pipe at only 3000 miles.

The splash guards in the front wheel arches are constantly falling out.

The trim on the drivers door came away as did other panels.

I have had three gear boxes supplied under warranty and the fault is still present they just can't get it right.

The interior rattles like mad.

The spoiler always comes loose.

The spare wheel carrier always drops off at the worst time (like on the motorway).

It keeps blowing the drivers side headlight bulb, I'm on the 11th bulb now.

In the cold it misfires and once there was even petrol coming from the exhaust manifold (but this only happened the once).

Otherwise no problems at all.

General Comments:

Overall for the first year I was chuffed to pieces with the car, I was only 18 and it was brilliant, but I've found out the hard way that these cars are not built to last.

There is no way I would recommend owning one after the warranty period.

But if you want a cheap, nippy car that pulls the ladies then why not eh!

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Review Date: 24th June, 2002

2000 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6 8v from UK and Ireland


Lovely car, shame about the money grabbing dealers


There were numerous chips and faults in the paint when I took delivery of the car.

The side panels of the body kit were rippled.

There is an annoying vibration from the steering column at around 4000 RPM.

When I got the car I had no end of trouble with the dealer trying to get them to sort out the faults with the paint work.

They didn't bother to call me to ask me where one of the scratches was and waited till I arrived to pick up the car to tell me that they hadn't fixed it.

The dealer also offered to change the wiper blades for me at the service and charged me £9 in labour (I had a free labour deal on services when I brought the car, but they failed to tell me this wasn't part of the service).

General Comments:

The car looks amazing, is reasonably quick and handles really well, your bottle gives way before the grip does.

Build quality could be a bit better.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2002

2000 Citroen Saxo VTS 1.6 from UK and Ireland




The only thing that played up on the car was the alarm. It was too sensitive, this was adjusted by the Citroen dealer and hasn't proved a problem since.

General Comments:

Absolutely great car to drive, how a hot hatch should be. Not like these fat fakes that are around these days. No frills, hard suspension, rapid engine that loves to rev, handles superbly, Supportive seats, although the fabric used is a little dull, precise steering and in Topaz (gold) it looks great. To be honest all in all my Saxo VTS is a great motor. Driving it is an absolute pleasure. Certainly gets my thumbs up.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2002

23rd Aug 2002, 08:48

Update. The alternator packed up on 18000 miles, but was replaced under warranty though. Also paint seems to be flaking from the front bumper of my Saxo. I'll have to get that looked at when I can be arsed.

2000 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6 from UK and Ireland


OK car for 17 year olds


Nothing major - just loads of really stupid little things like stalling, uneven running, exhaust falling off after 2 months, and loads of bloody rattles!!!

Citroen Glasgow are useless. The car has been back 8 times in the year I had it. The engine management problems were cured to an extent (I think by updating the engine mgnt software?), but it still splutters along and dies occasionally. As for the rattles, the car has spent numerous hours in the garage, particularly for some serious rattles/knocks coming from the front suspension. Dealer says nothing wrong, but I had the car from new and have never bumped it or anything, so there's no excuse for it other than poor build quality and dealer service. The suspension on my old 110K mile Astra sounded healthier than this.

General Comments:

Build quality poor. Dealer service rubbish.

Bought the car Christmas 2000, and sold it Christmas 2001. At least with the free insurance and good residuals after 1 year, I didn't lose too much when selling it (thanks to all the Max Power idiots who rate the Saxo so keep demand and prices healthy).

Now bought a Mondeo 2.0LX. It's quicker than the Saxo, and handles better as well. I think the sensation of speed in a Saxo is over-rated and is due to the fact that you are driving a crappy little tin-can toy car that rattles and bounces over every imperfection in the road. Good fun if you're 17, but you wouldn't really consider this car as a proper set of wheels.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2002

16th Jan 2002, 12:16

Wow! That's a bit harsh.I must defend the car. OK the quality can be a bit ropy and dealers suck, turn up the stereo. A well driven VTR can fairly nip along and I would imagine leave a Mondeo behind on the twisties (Its true territory). 18K is a lot of miles, lots of motorway perchance? I would suggest maybe you just got the wrong kind of car. I am 27 and absolutely loved it, so much so I got a VTS.

19th Jan 2002, 14:22

I agree totally with your comments about the feeling of speed in a Saxo. I've got a VTR (and rate it), but also regularly use my father's Mondeo 2.0 GLX. I'd say they were equally quick, but the Saxo is a bit frantic and bounces about all over the place whereas the Mondeo cruises along with no drama. Not that I'm complaining though! I bought mine from a dealer in Newcastle, and like yourself have had a couple of probs, but my dealer sorted these out straight away, and it now drives perfectly. The free insurance means Euro imports don't really work out any cheaper, and the fuel consumption is good. Yes it's a boy racer's car, but I'm 28 and stopped giving a toss about what people think years ago. Cheers!

21st Feb 2016, 22:27

Hi, yep I drive a VTR, and it had done 75k when I got it; now it's on 137k and still going strong. Yes I've had some work done (nothing serious). The previous owners were 2 girls, so it hasn't seen a hedge or being ragged. I drive it every day (not long journeys). The car is reliable and it still gets up and goes when I want it to. By the way I am not a boy racer; I have just had my 70th birthday.

I still like driving the car. Why not, it's a nice car; it is what it is.