1993 Dodge Shadow ES 4 Banger from North America


A cheap POS


I had this car a total of 6 months and it was a nightmare. Towed 3 times, paying huge MONTHLY service bills.

- Clutch going

- Numerous electrical gremlins

- Fuses constantly being replaced

- Timing belt replaced

- Tie rod ends

- Abnormal tire wear

- Door misalignment leading to noise

- Paint literally falling off and chipping everywhere

- Started to get a knock in the block

- Alternator went

- Starter went

- Emergency brake stick leading to pad wear

- Distributer cap

- Sunroof misalignment leading to noise.

General Comments:

- The look of the ES was awsome! Bright white with black tint. Side skirts, aggressive rear end.. good solid handling, fun to drive everyday.

- The red interior was nice and clean(IMO)

- Cheap on gas, Cheap on parts.

- The rear speakers are mounted in a strange place

The condition of the car was astronomically disastrous!!

I don't know if it was a lemon or what, but we were paying into the thing monthly. The car was not in any way reliable, stranding us at will.

The paint was literally chipping off in chunks.. with the metal rusting underneath. I later found out that year of paint job was bad.

Also, the car was totaled in a minor accident where the second car had no damage at all.. (lady turned left in front of me on a green)

I compare this car to a disposable Bic Lighter.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2004

16th May 2005, 13:29

Hi. I am sorry for all the trouble you had. You just got a lemon. I'd like to know if you inspected the car before buying it? But you seem to be simply unlucky, because Shadow/Sundance have good reliability and durability, in most of the case.

26th Jul 2005, 17:07

I own a 1993 dodge shadow es 2 door 3.0 V6 5 speed. If you were to offer me a viper or a corvette in trade for my shadow, I would turn you down flat!My shadow took off at a stoplight, a brand new mustang gt like I was racing a Yugo. sure my car has her problems, but my girlfriend and I owned it for 3 years and had no maintainance to speak of and still runs like new.I've read on the internet that top speed of a V6 5 speed shadow/duster is 140MPH in stock shape, wow!

6th Nov 2005, 12:41

Everything he mentions is typical of a car with such a huge mileage.

1993 Dodge Shadow ES Convertible 2.5 from North America


A very affordable, sporty convertible that was made RIGHT!


The top is in really horrible shape. When it starts to go, it goes quickly.

Not as durable as I think a convertible top should be.

The drivers seat broke completely. Not really sure why and it did not give a fair warning. I was driving down the road and the back of it just fell back on the passenger seat.

The heat does not work at all.

General Comments:

We bought this car for $600. and cosmetically it was not taken very good care of.

However, this car is mechanically sound. We drove it to Virginia and did not have one problem with it.

The car is VERY fast. I had a 94' Mustang convertible with a V6 engine that was also a 5 speed and the Shadow has much more power than it.

It has excellent handling and suspension. Most cars I have seen once you get it past 65 mph the steering and the car itself starts vibrating, but not this. When we test drove it we had it at 80 mph in 3rd gear and didn't even realize it. Very smooth riding car and takes turns like Nascar.

I have not been dissatisfied with this vehicle and I think it is a real shame Dodge does not make them anymore. We have been very impressed with its performance, gas mileage, and overall reliability.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2004