1993 Dodge Shadow ES Convertible 2.2 from North America


Durable, sporty and fun!


There are spots on the hood where the paint is disintegrating and rust is starting to appear.

Cooling system had to be replaced.

I've gone through more flat tires with this car. Bad tire karma.

Radio/Cassette Player works only occasionally. I have to turn it on and off several times before it "catches".

The headlights are not very bright.

The seat seperator/container lid just broke, and since it's on a spring it's always open, which is a bit annoying.

I just installed a new alternator at 195000 miles.

A previous owner had installed an alarm system of which I received no remote so when the car battery died, the car starting system was shut down. Had to disconnect various wires to get it to start again.

General Comments:

This car I purchased for $1600 at 163000 miles just a few years ago from a private owner. Even with the repairs I've had to make it has given me much more than my money's worth. It has been nothing but a thrill to drive. I don't know if I can ever go back to a "non-convertible".

The turning radius is great and it can parallel park where most cars cannot fit.

Being over 6 feet tall this is very important to me, there is plenty of leg and head room. The overall interior is very very comfortable.

The paint issue is a bit disconcerting. It is a mystery why it's not lasting better than it has. What is of particular concern is that rust has started to appear where the paint has worn away.

I drive to work everyday (a 25 mile commute) like it's the Daytona 500. This little old car is surprisingly quick and responsive. Dodge has made a durable sporty car here.

I highly recommend the 1993 Dodge Shadow ES Convertible, especially if you can get a good price and less miles than mine.

I fear it may be the end of it's run soon, now that it's approaching 200,000 miles, but it's been a great run.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2002

1993 Dodge Shadow 2 door hatchback 2.2L from North America


One big headache


Fuel leak, cost $15.

Rear engine mount, cost $135.

Valve cover gasket, cost $75.

Coolant pump and hoses, cost $230.

Both tie rods with alignment, cost $265.

Valve cover gasket (again), cost $100.

Air filter, cost $3.50.

General Comments:

This car runs well, but requires maintenance nonstop. I haven't owned it for even a year, and I have already put in over $800 into it.

Now there appears to be a problem with the oxygen sensor. I'm going to try and replace it myself. However, the cost of the part is still around $50.

It drives well though. However, it is not a high performance car. On hills it slows down to 5 miles per hour. Doesn't purr like a kitten either. Very nervous when driving it. I'm always worried about what sound it is going to make next.

Most people, who are good with cars, agree Chrysler do not make a very good automobile. My next car will definitely be either a Honda or a Toyota.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2001

20th Sep 2001, 11:00

I'm sorry that you got taken on an obviously abused dodge shadow. Inspecting and test driving vehicles before you buy them is very important. I've had my Dodge Shadow ES with a four cyl. for about two years. It has 135,000 miles on it and I've only had to replace a belt and give it standard oil changes. Also, it has no problems going up any hills. Eight years is plenty of time for someone to drive a car into the ground.

1993 Dodge Shadow 2.2L from North America


Great car for the price!!!


Shifter cable detached itself at 20k miles.

O2 sensor failed at 30k and 110k miles.

Head gasket leak at 68k miles.

Preventive timing belt replacement at 90k miles.

A/C is starting to get weak at 120k miles.

Frozen piston in the wheel cylinder on one rear brake at 120k.

Engine starting to leak oil at 120k.

General Comments:

I always say this car was a great bargain for the price. It was $9200 new (leftover base model when the new year came out), and its had a few problems, but almost all were covered under the 7/70 warranty. Even those that weren't covered were not very expensive.

This car is also fun to drive, even with the 2.2L engine. You won't win any drag races, but you can get the tires to chirp (185/70/14s) and it feels much faster than a friend's Civic (automatic). My "little shadow beast" gets driven pretty hard. :)

The used prices on these are VERY low - if you are mechanically adept at all and can find one that's been CARED FOR, buy it. It probably won't be trouble-free, but parts and repairs are cheap since it was a high volume domestic car (same parts as the Acclaim, Sundance, and Spirit).

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Review Date: 28th August, 2001