1994 Jeep Cherokee loredo 5.2 from North America


This year jeep is great


159,000 - Replaced radiator, a/c comp, water pump and alternator and at

160,000 - Replace all four rotors.

The driver seat is heavily worn out.

General Comments:

The truck gets 12.2 mpg almost as good as some of the new trucks with comparable engine sizes.

Still has plenty of power to give, I will get at least 250,000 mile out of this truck.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2006

1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L from North America


Have gotten my money's worth!


Ignition coil died at 66,000 miles.

Bad connection for oxygen sensor on mother-board. When really hot out, "check engine" light goes on. Shop replaced oxygen sensor 3 times b/4 they figured it out.

Doors sag, creating extra interior noise.

FM and cassette went out at 120000 miles.

Front brakes were replaced (Warranty) at 40,000 miles and again at 80,000.

Lot of small oil leaks, but lasts until next oil change.

Switching into 4WD is okay, but getting back out is sticky and takes a good bump.

General Comments:

After rear shocks died, have not been able to find a good replacement set for under $300.

Loses 3-5 mpg when towing a pop-up camper, but it never gets stuck anywhere.

The rear seats don't have a lot of room, but the fronts are adequate.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2005

1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0 Liter from North America


Looks like it will go 250K miles, enough said..


Mostly standard stuff... but had the ignition switch, water pump, catalytic converter, headlight switch, air conditioning... and now at 235,000 the right wheel bearing and U-Joints...

General Comments:

Really this has been a great. It has never left me stranded. Which says a lot for 235,000! Not the most quiet vehicle, but it's a Jeep.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

4th Apr 2009, 06:29

I'm pushing mine over 316,000... I'm sure yours will make it too. It's a REAL Jeep!

1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport 6.0 from North America


This is the best vehicle I have ever owned.


The front axle u-joints were bad when I purchased the vehicle. I have had them replaced twice. The second time was due to a bad part.

I replaced the entire driver's side wheel hub assembly.

The rotors were warped badly.

The engine blew at 148,000 miles.

The driver's seat was off the track and the passenger seat has been welded into place, apparently by the previous owner.

The front shocks needed to be replaced.

The tires needed to be replaced (dealership put the wrong size on the rims).

The muffler needs to be replaced.

General Comments:

My Cherokee Sport has been nick named "Bessie" by my mom.

This is the car that made me fall in love with the SUV. I'm a tall girl and small cars are very tiny on the interior. I love the fact I have plenty of room inside, sit up off the ground, and the windows allow me to see everything around me. I absolutely adore the boxy look, and the color is outrageous: Teal.

In the winter, the four wheel drive is great for hopping over the snow.

I blew a gasket the summer of 2003 and that in turn blew the engine. I had 148,000 miles on it (give or take) at the time. I put had a used engine dropped in it that fall, which doesn't even have 80,000 miles on it. I'm about to replace the muffler and give it a real drive from Detroit to California in about a week. My mechanic is confident the trip will be made fine.

My only complaint is on long drives the seats aren't terribly comfortable.

However, I love this car and will be thrilled to pieces to see the speedometer flip at the 200,000 marker.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2005

20th May 2005, 20:22

I have owned my '93 Jeep Cherokee for 5 years now. I saw it flip the 200,000 mile mark and loved watching it. I have never had anything major go wrong with it. Normal wear and tear things that usually go wrong with lots of miles like a water pump, radiator, belts, brakes etc... Mine is gray and even though it's not a 4x4, I have pulled 1 ton pick ups out of the mud during a major storm. I have never been stuck in my Jeep. I'm looking forward to another 100,000 miles. To cure your uncomfortable long drives, try taking a couch pillow and using them to sit on and behind your back. I found it works great.

16th Sep 2007, 17:57

I'm the original owner of my Cherokee Sport. 215,000 miles and still going! I had the radiator replaced, the feul pump replaced, but, a grast little SUV. It's light and very responsive.

21st Nov 2007, 09:47

My '93 Cherokee just hit the 273,000 mile mark and it's still going. No major problems, just a slight leak in my tranny line. I'll drive it till it dies.

18th Apr 2009, 11:48

The Cherokee was my first car and I loved it. It never broke down while driving, I was never worried about it! It ran great and I still miss that car till this day. It was also very roomy and I could stick all of my junk in there.

16th Jun 2010, 13:03

My 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport is my first car, and it is amazing; the engine will not die, it will not get stuck, and it is fun to drive.

You have to take good care of the body or it will rust.

It kills me on gas.