2001 Lincoln LS V6 from North America


American made... but not made for Americans, we are hard working people!


When I bought the car, I immediately had to go to muffler man and replace the catalytic converter, and the resonator, and then I had get a transmission flush, which I thought would solve the problem of jerking when changing gears, but it didn't.

Then I had to get all new rotors and pads all the way around, and I had had to replace the inside door handle, and also 2 new sensors, and now I'm hearing some weird noise coming from around the flywheel area..

General Comments:

This car is really a piece of junk. I really wish that I would have seen this site before I purchased it.

It's nice because I'm used to driving German cars and this LS was very appealing to me when I saw the leather and all the wood and the nice factory stereo system.

It had a very good wheelbase length and also a very good size, but this car is hands down the worst thing that Lincoln has produced in years.

America is in a depression right now, and Bill Ford is not making it any better; he is supposed to be doing what his grandfather was doing back in his day, and that's making reliable cars for the American people, and he is not doing anything remotely close to that by distributing 100% pure junk, that looks good on the outside, but is not mechanically reliable in the engine compartment.

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm going back to the German engineered cars, they really know how to treat their people, they build theirs to last, and at the price that gas is right now, that's what I need... a car that's going to last after I put $85 worth of premium fuel in the tank, instead of breaking down and making me get a water hose and suck the gas out, and put it in a German made moped!!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2008

24th May 2008, 14:51

You bought a used car with 170,000 miles that you do not know the history of. Were you expecting it to be in showroom condition?

Take a look at some of the reviews of the German cars on this site if you want to see real junk. Even Consumer Reports has had to admit that their quality has dropped to pathetic levels in recent years.

2001 Lincoln LS V8 from North America




This car was a lemon from start.

The heated seats never worked, Ford gave us a extended warranty to sign off on item, the car stayed in the shop over a month total.

Next the left driver side window actuator went out, 300.00.

Oil leak fowled out injectors etc; 600.00.

Next, tie rods or something went bad and ate up a new set of tires in no time; 600.00.

Had electrical problems.

Next the transmission went out, 3000.00.

Now the engine just blew up driving across a bridge with the police behind me; 4000.00-5000.00.

I could never sell the car for what I have in it. Sad thing, it was pampered by my wife, it was her car.

Greg Newman

2895 Villere St.

Mandeville, La 70448.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2008

2001 Lincoln LS 3.0 from North America


Good until one thing goes bad, then the rest of the car follows suit


First my transmission blew a year after. ($2500)

Next, my car would should down at red lights and I had to replace a pcv hose. ($325)

I have had to get several diagnostic checks to see why my check engine light was always on and off. ($60) each time.

I hate squeaky brakes and no luxury car should have squeaky brakes. I have had brakes replaced twice and rotors replaced once and they STILL continue to squeak! ($550)

Now I am having suspension problems that have been quoted at a cost of ($1500).

General Comments:

I am truly tired of the problems with this car.

Very nice looking car and on paper has a lot of good specs, but actually owning one isn't that good.

I want in on the class action lawsuit, because I have been through enough.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008