2001 Lincoln LS V8 from North America


Great, good looking car can be expensive, but it's a Lincoln!


Easy entry has quit working.

General Comments:

All you guys need to quit whining about this car. Maybe if you weren't too cheap to buy a warranty, you wouldn't have these problems.

I have had two Lincoln LS's, and I have had a couple problems, but hey, that's what you get when you buy a used car!!! Yeah parts are expensive, but it's a Lincoln!! You guys want to act like you have money and drive a Lincoln? Suck it up and fork over the cash to fix it. Until then keep your whiny little comments to a minimum and learn to take some pride in what you own! If you don't like the car so much, sell the damn thing!!

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Review Date: 4th February, 2008

12th Feb 2012, 08:01

Whoever wrote about whining on this post either works at a Ford dealership or is a Ford mechanic... No question in my eyes, anyone that would back a vehicle with noted problems in many areas has ulterior motivations.

13th Feb 2012, 08:40

I love their argument about being too cheap to buy a warranty, and to expect that it is expensive to fix because it is a Lincoln. I wonder if they ever realized Lincoln is just a glorified Ford, and that the parts are essentially the same, but they tack on a 30% mark up for luxury car owners that have more disposable income.

No thanks! I'll continue to buy vehicles that don't require ridiculously expensive extended warranties, because they don't have a horrendous reliability record. I also wonder if this poster realizes that the Lincoln LS is the single highest depreciating car in American history. That makes an expensive warranty and expensive parts even more of a lousy investment.

2001 Lincoln LS Basic V8 3.9 from North America


Great ride and handling with few maintenance problems


My LS (V8) has been a great car. Best I've owned with few problems over the past 134,000 miles.

Did have the rear regulators and valve gaskets replaced under warranty. The front driver regulator was also replaced at a cost of $300. I now have the right front passenger regulator to replace. It's a $55 part through Auto Zone. Looks to be a pretty complicated part with double slide rails. May take some effort to install.

Brakes lasted to 100k. Only replaced pads... which I also purchased from Auto Zone. Tires can go 75k plus, and because of 51/49 front to rear weight distribution, wear is very uniform with little need for tire rotations.

Battery (rear installation) lasted just short of 7 years.

A co-worker, and fellow car-pooler has a '99 BMW 5 series with similar mileage, but 10 times the investment in repairs.

Routine maintenance has consisted only of oil changes, 2 coolant flushes and 1 transmission fluid change-out. In Arizona you don't take chances with these, and I've been rewarded with zero coolant and air conditioning problems. Did have an engine service light come on once. Simply disconnected the battery which rebooted the control module.

Great car would buy another...

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Review Date: 19th January, 2008

2001 Lincoln LS V6 from North America


A/C - hot air comes out of one of the middle vents.

Oil light comes on from time to time, usually after 30 or so minutes of driving - this occurred before I had an oil leak.

Back window gear broke and and could not be closed, which had to be repaired.

Brake light on rear window broke. Condensation build up inside of the front head lights.

Oil leak after my last oil change (small drops on my garage floor). Had to have the oil sending unit changed, but the problem still exists.

Also have had lesser problems too numerous to cite, yet costly to repair.

General Comments:

This car has a great ride with good control. Sounds funny that I say that after all the problems I previously cited. Will probably trade it in for a more reliable car.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2007