2002 Ford Mondeo Ghia TDCi 2.0 TDCi from UK and Ireland


Will I drive a petrol again? Probably not!


Washer bottle dipstick has snapped off from the twist cap.

Springs in the drivers seat have started creak.

General Comments:

The diesel engine in the car is amazing. It picks up like a petrol and the amount of torque is unbelievable - pulling like a train. Overtaking is a breeze.

Handling and road holding is superb too giving the driver great confidence. The car really does feels its on rails.

The Climate Control seems to ebb and flow. When you want it cold, it's hot and vice versa, but I can live with it by manually adjusting the temperature dials.

MPG on average is 40 to 45, although a motorway run at a steady 70mph will return well into the 50's.

As with most diesels, the Mondeo is noisy on first start up, but when the engine has warmed up, the noise level drops.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2002

22nd Jan 2003, 14:10

Totally agree with your review. The springs on the drivers seat of my Mondeo creak too. Think its something to do with the lumbar support. My Zetec doesn't have climate control, but I still find the heating temperamental, it takes an age to get heated up then becomes too hot! No other probs though.

2002 Ford Mondeo Zetec 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


A flimsy tin can of a car


The interior lighting refused to work for the first 2000 miles. Two trips to the Ford dealer still did not remedy the problem.

The engine started to run too fast after about 500 miles. This meant the car would happily cruise down the road doing 40mph without touching the accelerator. Three trips to the Ford dealer were needed, each time apart from the last they "Hadn't had the time to fix it."

General Comments:

The Mondeo is terribly uncomfortable. The seats are bad and the suspension is so poor, it feels as though you are riding over cobbles.

The headrests also bend your neck forward causing your back to ache after only a short time.

The interior is badly built. The doors feel as though they are made of cardboard and creak if you rest your arm on them whilst going round corners. Materials look and feel cheap.

The exterior is just as bad. The top of the front wings are held to the car with sticky pads and are sharp and unfinished. The bumpers move by an alarming amount. The bonnet bends under the lightest pressure and the roof feels as though it's made of tinfoil.

The engine is rather rough and unrefined.

Even though some people say the Mondeo is good to drive, in my opinion the Fiat Punto was much better.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

3rd Nov 2002, 08:46

You must have brought a pup then mate.

26th Nov 2002, 02:49

I bought a Punto 9 months ago (new), and it's the worst car I've ever had by a long way, and costs far too much in depreciation for a supermini (super - ha, ha!). Even my previous £700 Astra totally outclassed it. Once I've had it a year, it's going to be traded against a new Mondeo which I've already had a test-drive in and cannot believe you rate a Punto better than it.

21st Feb 2005, 17:23

I think you will find your car is a Fiat Punto, and someone has stuck a Mondeo badge on it.

Try parking it next to a punto to prove it.

Hope this helps.

21st Oct 2006, 02:16

I also can't believe the comments you have made, I think this is a fiat dealer trying to make some cheesy deals!!! "feels like your driving on cobbles" what a joke!!! it is superbly smooth. By the way the head rest issue. you just have to tilt them. And then you will find your poor little head won't ache so much trying to think!!! Why don't you read some of the other reviews and I could be wrong, but I think your car has the same suspension and engine etc! did you ever think the problem might be YOU!

17th Jan 2007, 07:50

Having a Mondeo myself, I find that your evaluation is not credible, and not believable.

I find the car 'solid, reliable, comfortable, economical, etc, etc, etc...

You may have been at the wrong end of a crash recycling scam. Bad luck.

24th Jan 2013, 15:25

I find the car a dream, but the only concern I have is the car to me is not economical at all. I filled it up, and the first quarter of a tank, I have only just covered 50 miles, and I have been driving to the 2000 rule as well. Could someone help me on this?